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· 30. Okt. 2009 »

Tournament/Competition list added


· 21. Feb. 2009 »

Website content updated


· 21. Feb. 2009 »

New layout for the website.






Epee.dk - website with a point.




Welcome to the new version of Epee.dk.


I am happy to welcome you to the new version of Epee.dk


This website contains resources and links to other resources about sport fencing. I hope you will receive the new version of the website well. If I am missing some links, or you have material that you think should be on this site, please send it to me, and I will put them on the site.







Epee.dk - Website with a point.

Epee.dk is a website with fencing resources, for fencers and fencing competitions. As the site is located in Denmark, some of the resources are only in danish.


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